Buyer Representation


Our real estate attorneys at Lee & Associates, P.C. handle a wide range of residential and commercial real estate loans, leases, purchases, restructurings, refinancing and other transactions for purchasers, investors, and borrowers. We advise and represent buyers in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate including:

  • Review Offer to Purchase Real Estate prior to submission to seller 
  • Draft and negotiate Purchase and Sale Agreements for the acquisition of real estate 
  • Protect buyer's deposit and financial investment 
  • Advise buyer of various homeowner obligations, including insurance, compliance with codes, lead paint risks or other hazardous material
  • Title review and the issuance of Title Insurance policies for clients 
  • Resolve Title issues of property to be acquired 
  • Obtain Municipal Lien Certificate and verify payment of property taxes, assessments, and municipal bills 
  • Draft and negotiate residential leases 
  • Condominium conversion or removal from condominium status 
  • Procure 6D certificate and insurance certificate (if a condominium) 
  • Obtain and Review Plot Plans/Surveys 
  • Prepare and record Declaration of Homestead 
  • Review settlement statements, closing documents and attend closings.