Seller Representation


Our real estate attorneys at Lee & Associates, P.C. represent sellers in a wide range of residential and commercial real estate sales, leases, restructurings, and other transactions. We advise and represent sellers in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate including:  

  • Review Offer to Purchase Real Estate submitted to the seller 
  • Draft and negotiate Purchase and Sale Agreements for the sale of real estate and businesses 
  • Work closely with the listing agent to ensure that the sale goes smoothly, that smoke detector/carbon monoxide certificates are acquired, that final water readings are requested and submitted, and confirming that Title V requirements are met 
  • Procure 6(d) certificate and insurance certificate (if condominium) 
  • Resolve title issues of property to be sold 
  • Draft and negotiate residential and commercial leases 
  • Obtain payoff statements to discharge mortgage(s) and obtain releases 
  • Draft Deeds, Power of Attorneys, and other required title clearing documents 
  • Review settlement statements, closing documents and attend closings 
  • Negotiate and coordinate Short Sales